Tuesday, July 13, 2010

lazy sunday at prater

after a busy and hot week in vienna, we headed to prater on sunday for a little rest and relaxation. we took shelter under the shade of a tree, ate a picnic and read our books. was lovely (apart from the bugs that kept dive-bombing my face! damn bugs and mozzies).
but i couldn't let sara and jack leave vienna without a trip to the amusement park at prater and take a ride on the famous riesenrad.
amongst many other rides there is also this crazily high swing ride that i am dying to go on... but no one will go on with me! (there is no way i'm getting kev on there).
but how cool does that look!

in the evening we sadly waved goodbye to sara and jack at the CAT station after what had been a wonderful week. thanks guys :)


  1. I am dying to go on that ride too, it is kinda new, the old one wasn't nearly as high! Let's go together in august :)