Thursday, September 23, 2010

banana bread (with chocolate!)

i don't really like bananas but we had a few lying around going ripe so i thought i'd put them to some good use. i found this recipe but changed it a bit because kev HATES raisins so i put in some chopped up dark chocolate instead (i'd seen another recipe that had chocolate and caramelised ginger in it so thought it should work).
i couldn't seem to take a half decent picture of it because it was dark. i think it tastes good but it tastes too much of banana for my liking (funny that!). its fun making new recipes though. i'm new to this baking thing. i've realised there are so many things i'm missing in the kitchen. my dream is one of these!

i wanna try and make bread next.... need to google what yeast is in german. buying the right flour could be a bit tricky too....


  1. yum! i'm rubbish at baking (although i blame the lack of appropriate utensils rather than myself). ju's got a proper old skool one of those, inherited from hal's mom. they do look lush don't they.

  2. oh, lucky julie!!
    its totally the lack of appropriate utensils, i agree! xx

  3. Oh, so much is happening over here on your blog, I cant keep track. I LOVE banana bread, and it looks goood :) Hey, I'm struggling with my paper and got a cold. I will get back in touch when I get a bit more time at hand so we can finally meet up.
    PS Yeast is Germ ;)

  4. thanks dorte! look forward to hearing from you soon. good luck with the paper.