Monday, September 13, 2010

old things

table football anyone?
i want to live here!
pretzels this way

on saturday kev and i went for a lovely walk in the sunshine (it was a bit cloudy but the sun kept popping through the clouds). we wandered down new streets and just enjoyed taking in our surroundings (we even passed a huge table football shop!). for a little refreshment (ie. beer) we stopped at a really great old café called café rüdigerhof
i've passed the beautiful art nouveau building many times before and i was excited to see inside. the interior of the café is simply amazing (if you like old stuff like me!). i can't describe how excited i was and i can't wait to go back again to have a closer look. we sat outside (it was too lovely and warm not to) and so i was too shy to take pictures inside the café but i took a few quick snaps on the way back from the toilet. wish i had been brave enough to take so many more!
(i even loved the design on the back of the bathroom door!)

from here we walked down to the saturday fleamarket at naschmarkt. i've been wanting to go since we first arrived here but somehow we hadn't made it before. it was quite an eye opener. i've never seen so much junk and rubbish in my life! (and some of it was just strewn all across the tarmac). don't get me wrong, i LOVED it and i'm sure there is some really great stuff there but there is also a lot of junk. 
but what is one mans junk is another mans treasure right?

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