Friday, September 10, 2010

green friday

orange was so yesterday.

yeah, i know. mashed up avocado on toast with peppermint tea is a little odd. but i actually enjoyed it. still hungry though.

i'm lovin' my green sandals at the moment (don't check out my ghastly feet. feet are wrong). i also love my jeremyville plate (even if i only have one from the set of two).

so, i finally gave up on the application. the deadline is today and i just can't face doing it. i've tried. but i've failed. i really don't want the job enough.

but next up on the 'to do' list that never gets done is to sort out my cv. apparently (so i've read on the internet) cv's are different here and i need to tailor it for austria. it would seem they like your cv to have a photograph on it... but isn't that a bit like saying if you're ugly we won't hire you? i'm a bit puzzled over this whole photo thing. what am i supposed to look like?

i went out for a run for the first time in months and months this morning. talk about a shocking reminder of how unfit i am! before i moved to vienna in march i was going to regular BMF classes. i wasn't mega fit but i was certainly a lot fitter than i had been in a long time. unfortunately all of that has now vanished without a trace. i think i gave the people of 3rd district quite a fright when they saw my ridiculously red face. i also got quite a few strange looks from passers by when i started doing sit ups and press ups in the park. its a start though!

we're going here tonight to see inception. i hope its as good as everyone says its is! happy weekend!


  1. Green is my favorite color. Yes, the picture on the cv is definitely popular here. From what I've seen, the photo should be like a passport one only smiling:). Just be glad you aren't an actress as my resume is always accompanied by at least one of three different kinds of headshots--it's such a pain. Have a great weekend!

  2. avo on toast isn't weird, it's yum! loving the green. i fell asleep during inception....!

  3. thanks. i love green!
    and yep, gonna give the passport photo thing a go :)
    (and sherry - can't believe you fell asleep in inception - its brilliant!)