Tuesday, September 21, 2010


on friday night we took our friends to immervoll for dinner. we had been once before (with our friends sara and jack) and had great food and great service so we thought we'd head back there. plus they also have their menu printed in english which is very handy especially when we have visitors!
kev had a lovely steak dish and the rest of us all had pork schnitzel with lamb's lettuce and potato salad. i think everyone really enjoyed their meals. i certainly enjoyed mine! the pork was cooked really well and wasn't dry at all, and kev's steak was sooo tasty.
we ended the meal with a schnapps that nearly blew our heads off! mine was meant to be pear flavoured but it tasted like pure ethanol to me!

we laughed lots, especially when julie went into the wrong toilet. the toilets were marked herren (mens) and damen (ladies) and julie's reasoning was that damen was like damien and therefore must be the male toilet and herren sounded more feminine so herren had to be the correct one. obviously she got it wrong! (luckily for her there was no one standing at the urinal when she entered the toilet!).

after dinner we headed for drinks at the palmenhaus bar/restaurant and successfully got rather hammered on cocktails and shooters! (they do GREAT frozen margaritas). it was a fab evening!
(james ordered a really girlie cocktail. haha)
(they were BIG shots!)

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