Friday, September 24, 2010

happy box

a happy box arrived from amazon this week containing four new books for me and the new albums from interpol and arcade fire! i've been listening to them ever since. its a shame because lots of people don't buy cd's anymore but then you miss out on the (often) amazing artwork that accompanies the cd (and therefore the music). i also like it when they include the lyrics.
(check out this cool website)

when i was back in england i was a member of a book group. i really miss meeting up with the group and having great discussions whilst munching on yummy food prepared by the monthly host. i'm trying to remain a long distance member but i'm a few books behind (don't know how that happened considering i've got more time now than ever?!). the four books that arrived have all been picked by members of the group. i can't wait to get reading!
although i need to finish the book i'm currently reading first (its one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez - i've never read anything quite like it. its so bizarre and surreal... but there is something about it that really draws you in. i love it).


  1. good to see you're practicing your book photograph! did you know interpol are playing vienna on 18th nov?

  2. yeeessss!!! kev got us tickets. can't wait x

  3. Thanks to you I started listening to Interpol as well :) And maybe even will buy tickets to the concert, I like the music! Thanks.

  4. elena - thats great! you should listen to their earlier albums. they are brilliant!