Thursday, September 23, 2010


we went to halle again for dinner on saturday night. we seem to take all of our guests there... but i think its for a few reasons...
1. they have a menu written in english for easy reading (without me having to figure all the dishes out and tell everyone)
2. the service has been pretty good so far
3. there's usually a good atmosphere and i like the setting with the old ornate ceiling (even if they do play music which sounds like the same song over and over for hours and hours)
4. the food is consistently good.
anyway, we went and the service wasn't good (it was a weekend for it i think). we waited soooo long for our main courses after the starter (way over 45 minutes... i stopped looking). which isn't good at all. i noticed that several tables who arrived after us received their food before us (common theme)... which got me thinking that maybe they push orders from 'locals' ahead of orders from people they deem to be 'tourists'. best not think about that too much. hopefully i'm completely wrong but you can't help but wonder.
thankfully when the food arrived they were almost completely forgiven for the wait. it tasted exceptionally good. and of course i had to have the käseteller again! 
feta cheese wrapped in bacon (wouldn't have thought of doing that but really worked)
honey glazed duck with vegetable rice
classic burger and chips (sorry, very blurry)
saddle of lamb with mushrooms and other things i can't remember (no prizes for guessing this was mine)
and as you can see i didn't like it at all....


  1. 3 fancy looking dinners and then... burger and chips?! Who's choice was that?

  2. Love the food there too!
    But I don't think that they prefer locals, the tourist bring the money. It rather because different tables are handed by different waiters or the waiter is bad at giving his/her orders through to the chef in the right order. Or they are just stressed (weekend, a lot of people). Youhave to try the raspberry schnaps there, it is amazing, like hot raspberries sliding down your throath. Don't have 5 or more like I though, you will regret it the next day :) (Business dinner with clients, I was forced :)

    Ps sorry for writing such long comments!

  3. i'm likin the sound of the raspberry schnapps!