Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i went out today in search of a birthday and wedding anniversary card. but i've reached the conclusion that greetings cards really are as bad here as i initially thought they were! is there some amazing hidden card shop that i'm not aware of? i couldn't bring myself to buy any (too awful) and so i've decided to make my own. only problem is i don't really have much to make them with? ah well, it'll give me a little task to do.

kev and i went to the pub last night to watch tottenham play werder bremen in the champions league. it was great (not so great seeing spurs throw away a 2-0 lead) but the strongbow was going down very nicely. they had relegated the match to a screen in the back room of the pub (manchester utd were obviously far more important) and we appeared to be the only two people in the entire pub supporting spurs (luckily for us the werder bremen fans were very civilised!). it was nice to get out of the apartment for the evening but the room was so smokey i'm surprised we could even see the screen. my eyes were really stinging by the end of the match and my jacket today smells like i've been sitting in a bonfire!

urgh. i feel sick now. i've eaten too many cola bottles.


  1. Have you been to Thalia on Maria Hilferstraße? They have a huge wall with cards. Or Mastnak Papier in Neubaugasse? They have pretty cards, don't know if you want something with a special text or so?

  2. yay, get creative... just cut out some paper hearts and stick them on some card... it's easy! They didn't show the match here... man united are more important here too... v. disappointing we were 2-0 up but hey, at least we didn't lose!

  3. emilie - thanks. tried thalia at landstrasse but couldn't see anything i liked. will try the other one next time i'm in neubaugasse.

    sherry - i made one! and yes, at least we didn't lose! although rather frustrating to throw away a 2-0 lead. ah well. wolves tomorrow!