Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the leaves are changing (and bad service alert)

on sunday we headed over to prater with julie and james so they could take a ride on the riesenrad (i've been on twice already so didn't feel the need to go on again).
as you can see it was a lovely day and so we enjoyed a walk back home through the park. i love seeing the colours of autumn. the leaves are just starting to change and fall. i can't wait to see the park in the winter.

on a completely different subject, i just remembered we had probably the worst service so far in vienna on sunday afternoon (in my opinion service here is pretty bad compared to what we are used to in the UK. food turns up at different times, you wait ages to order, get another drink or the bill. i could go on).

anyway, we went to the four bells irish pub to watch the manchester utd v liverpool football match. we were a bit peckish so thought we'd order a couple of bowls of chips to share. we ordered these straight away with our drinks. we finished these drinks and ordered more. i politely asked 'any idea where our chips are?', the response i got was 'we are busy'. we saw 2 other tables (who ordered after us) receive their food, big burgers, wings etc but we still didn't have our chips. i started to get quite annoyed but joked that maybe they had gone to ireland to dig up the potatoes to make the chips. the two bowls of chips eventually arrived approx 1 hour 10 minutes after we ordered them. he didn't even say sorry for the delay. kev politely said 'look we've waited too long for these. you can leave them if you want but we're not paying for them'. and the response.... 'I DON'T GIVE A SHIT'. you've gotta laugh.


  1. My God! You should send this posting to their manager! Then they tell you that austrians are rude :) (it's mostly native speakers working at Pubs but maybe not this time?)

    Austria DOES have a problem with being serviceminded, but it is getting better. Luckily enough there are places with nice waiters.. :)

    See you tomorrow!

  2. ha ha! did he actually say that? that's awful! I hope you ate the chips but didn't pay for them.

  3. yes he did actually say that!
    he was irish. quite a shocker.
    and we did eat them & not pay. was all rather awkward!

    emilie - see you this evening at the arranged place & time! any probs let me know. my email is

  4. I'll be there! A bit tired after too many Spritzer yesterday though :) No reason why I can't drink another one today!