Monday, September 27, 2010

someone stole my umbrella!

oh my. i just got back from a (very) short run. can't. breathe. chest. hurts. oh. help. this really can't be good for you?!

the weather has been pretty miserable this weekend. lots of torrential rain that just doesn't stop. but the sun is currently shining (for how long i'm not sure).

on saturday i meet up with mimie again (this time with kev) and we went to the flohmarkt at neubaugasse (which happens twice a year i think). i sort of forgot to take pictures except these two of some taxidermy (which i find kinda freaky).
there were stalls selling all kinds of different things... jeans, shoes, records, antiques... and there were several delicious looking food stalls and plenty of places selling sturm. and even a couple of bands set up (one in a bus stop!). unfortunately we didn't buy anything except a large 2 litre bottle of red sturm (most of which we polished off on saturday night!).

i went to café landtmann last night to meet a bunch of strangers (on a 'meet up'). it was a pleasant if somewhat random evening (i won't go into detail). it was pouring with rain outside and when i came to leave someone had STOLEN my umbrella! so not impressed! and it wasn't even mine! now i've got to go and buy two umbrellas. one to replace the one that got stolen (which was actually one of kev's colleagues) and another for me because both of mine are kaput.

some good news. i'm going to bratislava tomorrow with kev which is rather exciting! (just for one night). kev will be working but i get to explore a new city and hopefully take lots of pictures. yay.

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