Thursday, September 9, 2010

orange thursday

oh crap. i put on half a stone in weight in a month! (thats what eating daily 'all you can eat' buffets in vegas does for you. that place seriously encourages over eating. but if you go for brunch that means you can eat a plate of food for breakfast and then another plate for lunch, right?).

to rectify this i've decided i need to start a new healthy eating and exercising regime (so far i haven't been out running once this week). but i did make delicious spicy roasted red pepper and tomato soup (shame i had to eat the bread on the side. but small steps at a time).

on another positive note i opened a bank account today (its only been on my 'to do' list for nearly 6 months). i met a very nice man called renee (who was german not austrian) and luckily for me spoke perfect english. he said his english friend has lived here for 8 years and he still struggles with the language so that made me feel a little better. although, it also means that i might never get to grips with it? oh help.

i'm also a bit stressed today because for the past two days i've been trying to complete a job application form online but its just the most stupidest form EVER. i'm only applying for an admin assistant role but anyone would think i was applying to be the next female on the moon or something. argh.

anyway, for fear i might start ranting and to try and stop my severe procrastinating (like painting my finger nails. note to self - you'll never be a hand model) i'd better get back to it......


  1. yay! it's good to have you home... even tho home is austria and not australia and we're still on opposite sides of the world. I'm liking the orange. maybe every day should have a colour theme... and is that your hand? it doesn't look like your hand... since when did you start wearing a watch? xx

  2. haha - yep, thats my hand! it doesn't really look like mine does it? i got the watch for my birthday. its a cool old style casio.
    we'll definitely have sushi when we next see each other! miss you! xx

  3. yeah, i used to have one of those. nice! miss you too! xx