Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sun = beer!

i was grumpy when i woke up this morning. bad nights sleep (again). but its such a beautiful day that it couldn't help but lift my spirits. beautiful september sunshine!
i had no plans to go anywhere but it would have been almost criminal to stay inside so i wandered instead.
i decided to go and find a second hand warehouse place that i had read about called carla (or caritas? - not sure). it was pretty cool. full of stuff. but anything remotely good was really overpriced (disappointing!). but its for charity so i guess its okay. i was a bit embarrassed to take photos but here are a few so you get an idea.
there was also a corner full of tennis rackets and skis (and another corner full of commodes!). i only bought two little glass dishes for the whopping total of €1,30 but i will go back again. it was really interesting to look at everything. and you never know what you may find!

after my rummaging i stumbled across a nice looking bar with outside seating so thought i'd stop for a beer.
it was called kolar but having now googled it, it appears there are others in the city. this one was in the 4th district and hidden away so i liked it. the kolar pils tasted good too! 

after a little walk in the direction of home i then stopped for another beer. ottakringer this time but i'm not sure of the restaurant/bar name.
and after a lovely afternoon there was a beautiful rainbow again when i passed the fountain
but no pot of gold at the end unfortunately!


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  2. hiya,
    like your blog.
    am new to the city, little over a month,
    still accepting the fact that i live here and know noone and am generally bored.

    whereabouts is that warehouse?
    (i find shopping somewhat more stimulating than sightseeing. he he)

    pretty pictures.

  3. hey 29, thanks for stopping by. i just checked out your blog. i like it. it made me laugh.
    i've been here 7 months now but still feel new, still accepting the fact i live here, know no one, and am often generally bored!

    there is a link above to the warehouse place. its called carla mittersteig (address mittersteig 10, 1050). it was fun. i love shopping too.

  4. you speak the language?
    guess it makes things easier.

    what else you're into? i love eating and having coffee.....and complaining how bored i am and how uneventful my new life is....maybe we should meet up.
    i live in the 5th. yourself?

  5. unfortunately my deutsch is terrible. i'm planning on trying to rectify this!

    food is my thing. love eating! (and drinking). love music... reading... photography... all sorts really.

    i'm in 3rd so not far away! let me know if you wanna meet up. would be fun. my email is kerrysmith78@googlemail.com

  6. the "sale store" is like "Cottolengo Don Orione in Argentina", in the first world!

  7. florieta, i see you're from buenos aires! i LOVE the city! i visited about 5 years ago but would love to return one day.