Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i love helicopters!

one of the HUGE highlights of our holiday to las vegas was a trip to the grand canyon by helicopter! it was simply amazing and spectacular... and the photos just do not give the landscape justice at all (especially when trying to shoot through glass windows with the sun reflecting! however, the images are all tightly stored in my memory forever).
as we walked across the tarmac to the helicopter with our pilot (who looked far too young to be flying a helicopter for my liking!) i started to have a bit of a panic. i had never been up in a helicopter before and i felt very nervous. however, as soon as we started to lift up my feelings of fear completely disappeared and i was like 'i love it, i love it'!!! on the way we also saw the hoover dam and lake mead (which according to our pilot will be dry in 11 years if las vegas keeps using water at the current rate. so if you wanna go to vegas... maybe make sure its in the next 10 years?!).
we landed one mile down in the canyon and had a little picnic with champagne!
the enormity of the space and landscape is just unbelievable.
it all felt very surreal and its an experience that i'll never forget. i'm also now itching to go up in a helicopter again!


  1. i'll have to show you our photo (yup, that's 'photo' singular) of the grand canyon next time i see you. And, having seen the scale of it for yourself, and in a helicopter no less, you will so laugh at our experience. Looks amazing. Ahh, and the hoover dam. we spent ages in a traffic jam waiting to get across it.... i'll tell you the story about that when i see you too! xx

  2. i look forward to hearing the story and seeing the photo!! xx