Monday, September 13, 2010

yummy beef casserole

yesterday we had a lovely relaxing day on the sofa watching lots of films and we cooked beef casserole from gordon ramsay's book sunday lunch.
it was absolutely delicious! (we ate it with mustard mash. i LOVE mashed potato).

as you can see there was enough for 6 people (and there is only 2 of us) so i've got more for lunch today and we're eating it again for dinner tonight.  can't wait!


  1. Oh, you have a red Riess-casserole! When I grow up, I want one of those too! But first we are getting a Pressure cooker, they are even more expensive than the Riess casseroles (but the Riess are so much prettier!)

  2. After spending some time in a fancy shop selling expensive and verz beautiful pots I now know that that is a Le Creuset and that I want one too! And a Riess pot :) ( I am jealous! :)